Leila Lo Leggio

Leila Lo Leggio


Primary fields of research

Structure-function relationship in proteins, with recent focus mainly on carbohydrate-active protein, DNA-binding transcription factors and protein engineering/design. X-ray crystallography and more recently small angle scattering are the main techniques used.


  • Adjunktpædagogikum obtained in August 2003
  • Teaching in various Protein Chemistry, Crystallography, Biophysical Chemistry, Biological Chemistry and General Chemistry courses at undergraduate and master level
  • Co-organizer and teacher of several editions of the annual PhD Course in Protein Crystallography at the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen. Teacher in 2005 in the PhD Course in Biophysical Chemistry, at the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen. Teacher in 3rd Edition of VLAG Graduate School Course in Food Enzymology, Wageningen, Holland, 11-13 February 2008
  • Currently main supervisor of 2 postdoctoral researchers, 2 PhD students, 3 MSc students
  • Previously main supervisor of 4 postdoctoral researchers, 7 PhD student, 17 M.Sc. students, 10 Bachelor students and 6 foreign guest students at different stages in their studies.

Current research

Recent grants

  • Grant holder of Novo Nordisk Foundation grant “Structure-based engineering of glucuronoyl esterases for separation of lignin and carbohydrates” (2018-2020, 3.3 million DKK, own share 1.5 million DKK)
  • Co-applicant of PhD grant for Anders K. Varming from Lundbeck Foundation (2018-2020, 1.6 million DKK)
  • Co-PI for Novo Nordisk Foundation grant HOPE “Harnessing the Oxidative Power of Enzymes” (2017-2022, own share 2.9 million DKK)
  • PI for Villum experiment project ’A universal approach for structure determination of peptides/medium size proteins by X-ray diffraction’ (2017-2019, 1.9 million DKK)
  • Grant holder for FNU funded project ‘Molecular mechanisms and structural dynamics in the TP901-1 genetic switch and related pathogen systems’ (2015-2018, 2.5 million DKK)

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