Lea Klingenberg Barfod

Lea Klingenberg Barfod

Associate Professor, No title

Member of:

  • EPITOPE team

Employments after graduation

Jan. 2018-present:          Associate Professor and team leader for the EPITOPE-team, at Centre for Medical Parasitology (CMP), University of Copenhagen (UoC).

Aug. 2015-Dec 2017:       Senior Research Scientist, The Jenner Institute, University of Oxford.

Marts 2012-Aug. 2015:  Associate professor and team leader for the SURFACE-team, CMP, UoC.

Sep. 2011-Marts 2012:   Honorary Invited Post-Doc at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.

Feb. 2009-Nov. 2009:     Maternity leave

Jan. 2007-Sep. 2011:       Post-Doc and team leader for the SURFACE-team at CMP, Copenhagen University Hospital.

May 2006-Dec. 2006:      Maternity leave

Feb. 2006-Jan. 2007:       Post-Doc at CMP, UoC.

Feb. 2003-Feb. 2006:      Ph.D. student at CMP, Copenhagen University Hospital.

July 2002-Feb. 2003:       Head of Laboratory in Department of Microbiology, LICA Pharmaceuticals A/S.

Jan. 2002-July 2002:       Molecular Biologist at LICA Pharmaceuticals A/S.

May 2001-Jan 2002:        Scientific research assistant at CMP, Copenhagen University Hospital.



April 2011:                         Positive evaluation as Associate professor in malaria adhesion biology, UoC.

May 5th 2006:                     Ph.D. degree in Health Sciences, UoC.

Thesis title: Production of antibodies with specificity for variant surface antigens expressed by P. falciparum involved in the pathogenesis of pregnancy-associated malaria.

May 22nd 2001:                  M.Sc. in Biology, UoC. GPA: 10.3

Aug. 1999-May 2001:         Master thesis project in immunology made at Department of Clinical Microbiology 7806, Copenhagen University hospital. Grade: 11

Marts 1998-June 1998:       Biology project in Northern Ghana.

July 1997:                          B.Sc. in Biology, UoC.

1990-1993:                        Østre Borgerdyd Gymnasium. GPA: 9.7

1981-1990:                        Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole.


Stays at laboratories abroad:

2015:        Hohoe Municipal hospital, Hohoe, Ghana

2014:        Hohoe Municipal hospital, Hohoe, Ghana

2011-12:  Department of Biochemistry, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

2011:        Science Department, University of Cape Coast, Ghana

2005:        Antonio Lanzavecchias research group, Institute for research in biomedicine, Bellinzona, Switzerland

2005:        Mats Wahlgrens research group, MTC, Karolinska institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

2003:        Immunology Department, Noguchi Memorial Inst. for Medical research, University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana

1998:        The Soil Laboratory, Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (SARI), Tamale, Ghana


Teaching experiences:

Instructor at the course “Category 3 laboratory training”, The Jenner Institute, University of Oxford.

Tutor at the pre-graduate course: “Human physiology and disease”, at the Study abroad program, University of Oxford.

Teacher at the following pre-graduate courses: "Human parasitology" and "Immunology and Microbiology", UoC.

Course coordinator and lecturer at the PhD course: "Prevention, elimination and control of malaria", in 2012 and 2014, UoC.


Individual supervision of project students and postdocs:


2018-:      Melanie Walker

2018-:      Maria Bassi

2013-14:  Ramesh Subramani

2009-13:  Michael B. Dalgaard

PhD students:

2014-18:  Frederica Dedo Partey, Ph.D. student, University of Ghana.

2013-15:  Anine Engholm Jeppesen, Ph.D. student, UoC.

2010-15:  Liz Stevenson, Ph.D. student, UoC.

2010-14:  Paulina Amphoma, Ph.D. student, UoC.

2007-10:  Jorid B. Sørli, Ph.D. student, Technical University of Denmark.

Undergraduate students:

2018:       Asger Frank, Bachelor student (Molecular Biomedicine), UoC

2016-17:  Helen Bartlett, Part II Biochemistry Student, University of Oxford.

2016:       Valentina Ndolo, Master of Tropical health student, University of Oxford.

2015-16:  Alissa Bray, Part II Biochemistry student, University of Oxford.

2012-14:  Randi Bonke Mikkelsen, speciale-studerende, M.Sc. (Molecular Biomedicine), UoC.

2012-14:  Berit Sneftrup Knudsen, speciale-studerende, M.Sc. (Molecular Biomedicine), UoC.

2011-12:  Katharina Quadt, speciale-studerende, M.Sc. (Molecular Biomedicine), UoC.

2010-11:  Suzan Pleman, speciale-studerende, M.Sc. (Biotechnology), Technical University of Denmark

2010-11:  Anine Engholm Jeppesen, speciale-studerende, M.Sc. (Biology and biotechnology), UoC.

2009-10:  Jonas Bruun, speciale-studerende, M.Sc.  (Nano science), UoC.

2009-10:  Irene Sidsel Hansen, speciale-studerende, M.Sc. (Biology), UoC.

2008:       Britt G Jensen, speciale-studerende, M.Sc. (Biotechnology), Technical University of Denmark

2006:       Jorid B. Sørli, speciale-studerende, M.Sc. (Biology), UoC.


Post graduate courses:

2015:       Course on Laboratory Animal Management and Welfare, PIL FELASA category B, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

2014:       FACSJazz operator training course, BD Biosciences, Belgium

2013:       Project management for researchers, University of Copenhagen

2011:       E-moderating at Life, IT Learning Center, Life, University of Copenhagen

2010:       Teaching course: ISIM course for teachers and course coordinators, by Torben Jensen, Center for Uddannelse og Læring, SAM, University of Århus

                Management course for research group leaders, UoC

2005:       Course in Laboratory Animal Sciences, FELASA category C, UoC

                Genes and Genomes in the Tropics, Karolinska Instituttet, Sweeden and Makerere University, Uganda

2004:        Primary culture technology, UoC

                 AAI Advanced Course in Immunology, American association of immunologists, Stanford University, USA

                 Gene targeting, Ph.D. School of Genetic Medicine, UoC

2003:        Ethics and Health Research in Low-Income Societies, ENRICA, UoC


Oral presentation at international conferences:

2013:        Keystone Symposium, New Orleans, USA

                 6th MIM Pan-African Malaria Conference, Durban South Africa

                 EviMalaR cluster meeting, Crete, Greece

2011:        7th BioMalPar annual meeting, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany (winner of Talk prize)

                 Malaria in Melbourne 2011, Melbourne Australia

2010:        1st Nordic Malaria Conference, Lund, Sweden

2007:        3rd BioMalPar annual meeting, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany

2006:        Keystone symposium, Taos, New Mexico, USA



Danida: Co-applicant on a North driven project (17-02-KU), DKK 10,000,000 [2018-22]

Danida: Co-applicant on a large strategic project (12-081RH), DKK 9,943,881 [2013-2017]

Novo Nordisk Foundation: 460,000 DKr. [2013]

Augustinus Foundation: 100,000 DKr. [2012-13]

The Danish research council: Postdoc Grant, (11-115707) 3,221,019 DKr. [2012-14]

Lundbeck Foundation: Co-applicant on project grant (R83-A7627), 2,000,000 DKr. [2012-14]

EU grant: Co-applicant HumMalMab [2008-09]

PhD scholarship, Rigshospitalet [2003-2006]



Novo Nordisk Foundation: NFF Young investigator Award (NNF170C0026778) 20.000.000 DKr. [2018-2024]

The Danish research council: Sapere Aude DFF-ung Eliteforsker (11-120879) 1,008,000 DKr. [2012-14]

Evimalar/OzmalNet Travel award 2011, 140,000 DKr. [2011]

Talk prize, 7th BioMalPar annual meeting, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany



  • Laboratory supervisor for the Category 3 laboratories, The Jenner Institute, Oxford University
  • Peer reviewer for Infection and Immunity, Journal of Infectious Diseases, PLoS ONE, and Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.
  • Experience with fieldwork in Africa and international collaborations.
  • Experience in management and coordination of research projects as team leader at Centre for Medical Parasitology and as Head of Laboratory in Department of Microbiology at LICA Pharmaceuticals A/S.
  • Chair of the organizing committee at the "2nd Nordic Malaria Conference" 2012, Copenhagen.
  • Session Chair (two sessions) at "8th European Conference on Tropical Medicine and hygiene" 2013, Copenhagen.
  • Poster Chair at several PhD days at Faculty of Health sciences.

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