Lasse Kristoffer Bak

Lasse Kristoffer Bak

Visiting researcher

Current research

How do cells employ compartmentalised cAMP and calcium signalling to control function and metabolism? How are these affected in disease and what can we do about that?


Primary fields of research

Brain signalling and metabolism is disturbed in a wide range of neurological and psychiatric diseases.

I aim to understand how compartmentalised cAMP and Ca2+ signalling events dictates brain cell function, and how this is disturbed in disease with the ultimate goal of devising novel pharmacotherapeutic treatments.

To this end, we employ a range of technologies, including cell cultures, tissue models, molecular tools, biosensor-based single cell imaging, and a range of assays to investigate cellular function and metabolism.



  • Cellular and molecular biology (BSc level, pharmacy program)
  • Pharmacology (BSc & MSc levels, pharmacy program)
  • Academic project management (PhD course)

Supervision (BSc/MSc thesis projects and PhD projects):

  • Cellular biology and pharmacology focusing on how cAMP and calcium signalling dictates cell function

ID: 1303653