Lars Hestbjerg Hansen

Lars Hestbjerg Hansen


Current research

My research is focused on taking molecular approaches to investigate complex questions in microbial ecology in both fundamental and applied sciences.

My main fields of research include how bacteria perceive their environment, and change accordingly, interactions with bacteriophages and bacterial plasmids that lead to evolution and bacterial resistance to antibiotics. In the past years, 2nd and 3rd generation DNA sequencing has become a favorite tool for investigating bacterial, phage and plasmid diversity in in research related to human health and bacteriophage-host interactions.

My long-term experience in microbial sequencing projects impacted 16S rRNA gene-based phylogeny studies in various environments, whole genome sequencing of commensal bacteria & putative pathogens, bacteriophages, plasmids conferring degradative pathways, virulence traits or antibiotic resistance.

The role of bacteriophages as internal (as prophages) and external (strickly lytic) regulators of microbial compositions is a central area of interest in recent years.

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