Lars Christensen

Lars Christensen

Guest Researcher

I study the interactions between nutrition, gut microbiota, and host metabolism. As an MSc student and research assistant, I investigated the effects of dietary (e.g. breast milk) and microbial (e.g. fecal transplant) interventions on infant gut microbiota and health.

Currently, I investigate personalized weight management with a specific focus on weight loss prediction by gut microbiota and digestive genes. In five independent studies, we have found that the microbial biomarker, Prevotella enterotype, predicts weight loss among overweight subjects when consuming specific dietary fibers. To further explore this, we are conducting a randomized controlled trial in 2022.

As a sports nutrition practitioner, I have experience with football teams that compete in the Superliga and in Europe (Europa League and Champions League), the Danish national BMX team, and individual pro cyclists.

ID: 143800714