Kristine Marie Berg

Kristine Marie Berg

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

My research is on political rhetoric and public debate. My research focus on norms of rhetorical action, how these norms create or inhibit participation, and in how the way we talk and write to and about each other creates and breaks down communities.

My curiosity is piqued by taken-for-granted conceptions of what it means to communicate well and by unconventional and unexpected forms of rhetorical practice.

I am also interested in how textual analyses can be supplemented by other methods such as interviews, field work and protocol analysis.

I work on the following topics among others:

Social movements



Close reading


Protocol analysis




I have taught the following obligatory courses in the Rhetoric program: Rhetorical criticism (BA), Rhetoric in Society (BA), Public speaking and Counseling (BA), Contemporary Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives (MA).

I have also taught MA elective courses such as Political Rhetoric and Humour and The Rhetoric of Hate. 

I am currently supervising two PhD projects: Frederik Emil Appel Olsen about scientist activism and Thore Fisker Keitum about the constitutive functions of the voice. I have supervised MA theses and BA projects about street parties as protest rhetoric, the rhetorical agency in stories of giving birth and the potential of conversation salons as climate science communication.

Current research

I am currently working on the following projects:

Social movements in the Nordic region:

I co-edit a special issue of the Nordic Rhetoric Journal Rhetorica Scandinavica with Esben Bjerggaard Nielsen from Aarhus University and  Frida Buhre from Uppsala University focusing on social movements in the Nordic region.

The Danish anti-nuclear movement, OOA: I am working on a project about the demonstrations organized by the OOA,1973-2001, to protest the establishment of nuclear power plants and another project about the rhetorical function of the organisation's iconic anti nuclear logo with the smiling sun.

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