Kristina Grünenberg

Kristina Grünenberg

Associate Professor

Regional focus: Denmark, Bosnia, Guatemala, and recently South Korea.


Primary fields of research

Welfare technologies, biometric technologies (anthroplogy of technology)

Health and illness, ageing (medical anthropology)

Migration, borders, processes of identification, belonging (migration/mobility research)

Urbanity, diversity, community (Urban anthropology)

Current research

Since June 2019 together with my colleague Line Hillersdal, I have been engaged in the project ‘Sensing Old Age’ which examines the embedded assumptions, imagined potentials and concrete practices related to the use of technologies that target an ageing population.

Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork in Denmark and Korea, our research explores how assistive living technologies are developed, introduced and used in encounters between the elderly, health professionals and tech industry in these two different contexts. Furthermore, the project examines how such technologies travel and come to mediate the sensory body and care relationships across cultural and institutional contexts, as well as how they configure age, aging and the elderly in the process.


ID: 2513804