Kristian Reveles Jensen

Kristian Reveles Jensen

Part-time lecturer, External Lecturer

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    I am an MD and also have a BSc in Biotechnology from the University of Copenhagen, where I also teach human neuroanatomy. I have a great interest in both the clinical, scientific and philosophical aspect of the brain and mind. When I worked as a locum in neurology and psychiatry, I commuted continuously between the clinic and the lab.

    Currently my work in on studying viral entry into the brain and the integrity of the blood-brain barrier during initial infection, and the developmental consequences.

    Some of my work has been on expanding the possibilities of CLARITY for lipid removal to enable large volume staining and confocal microscopy in the investigation of the architecture of the nervous system. Latest with electrophysiologist and theoretical neuroscientist Dr Rune Berg to find fixable lipophilic dyes to trace electrode placement and neuronal projections.

    Other projects at Oxford have focused on a common mutation in the dopamine system (the COMT Val158Met polymorphism) and its effect on learning and behaviour. I used a sequential action and decision task a transgenic animal model of COMT and pharmacological and environmental interventions combined with computer modelling to study the interaction between COMT, dopamine, stress and learning. During my work, I was supervised by Elizabeth Tunbridge, in the Department of Psychiatry, and Mark Walton, in the Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford.

    My work is funded by The Medical Society in Copenhagen, The Augustinus Foundation, The Oticon Foundation, Lundbeck, and The Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University.

    ID: 118488470