Kirsten Thisted

Kirsten Thisted

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

My focus is minority majority relations, postcolonial relations. I am particularly interested in how such asymmetric power relations are negotiated through literary and other aesthetic expressions. My regional competence is Greenland / Scandinavia.

Keywords for research and supervision: Narratives / discourses about (collective) identities and belonging, Emotional communities, Emotional economies, Cultural Translation, Cultural memory and forgetting, Representation, Denmark-Greenland relations, Greenlandic literature, media and film.

Current research:

Affective economies: How are places, communities and identities constructed?

I am the head of this research task, which is a part of the Centre of Excellence for Resources, Extractive Industries and Sustainable Arctic Communities (REXSAC), funded by NORDFORSK

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Recently completed projects:

Denmark and the New North Atlantic

In this project 15 researchers investigated the renegotiations of identities that are currently taking place in all parts of the Scendinavian North Atlantic, as a result of independence processes, climate change and globalization. The project revisited the history of  Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, which were once part of the Danish (Danish-Norwegian) empire, and examined the current efforts to create a new, strong brand for the Scandinavian Arctic. The project was funded by the Carlsberg Foundation. 


Thisted, K & Gremaud, A-S 2020 (eds.): Denmark and the New North Atlantic: Narratives and Memories of a Former Empire. Vol. I-II. Aarhus University Press. 



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