Kirsten Nabe-Nielsen

Kirsten Nabe-Nielsen

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    I hold a Master’s degree in Public Health Science and a Ph.D. degree from the Faculty of Health Sciences. My primary research interests are related to psychosocial exposures in the working environment, stress and health outcomes.

    Current research

    I am currently leading the MEMORIA project which investigates the effect of psychosocial work factors, shift work, and stress on the risk of dementia. Furthermore, I work on a project on bullying and labor-market outcomes and a project on working hours and risk of accidents.


    I supervise at all academic levels within my research area (see key words/emneord).

    Primary fields of research

    Many people spend a large part of their time awake at the workplace. Therefore, exposures at the workplace may have a large impact on health. Furthermore, the workplace is a suitable setting for health promotion.

    My primary interest is psychosocial working conditions and shift work and their effect on health outcomes.  I am also interested in how work, in particular working hours, could be adapted to the individual employee’s personal preferences, and how such an adaption may have beneficial health effects. Among the outcomes that have my interest are dementia, headache, stress and work ability.

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