Katrine Strandberg-Larsen

Katrine Strandberg-Larsen

Associate Professor

  • Section of Epidemiology

    24.2.15, Visit: Gothersgade 160, 1123 København K, Gothersgade 160, Building: 01-1-31

    Phone: +45 35 32 60 78Mobile: +45 20 22 35 36

Area of research:

Reproductive epidemiology, birth cohorts, cross-cohort collaboration



2009: PhD in Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen

2004: MSc in Public Health, University of Copenhagen

2002: BSc in Public Health, University of Copenhagen


Other Education:

2019: Leading Research – a leadership course

2017: Course for Department Supervisors

2016: Seminar for experienced PhD participation

2014: Seminar on Responsible Conduct of Research

2011: Teaching and learning in higher education, Formal pedagogic education, UCPH


Professional experience:

2011-: Associate professor, Section of Epidemiology, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen

2010 - 2010: Post doc., Section of Social Medicine, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen

2009 - 2010: Post doc., Division of Epidemiology, University of Southern Denmark

2002 - 2009: PhD candidate/research fellow, Centre for Alcohol Research, National Institute of Public Health, Denmark


Research stays abroad:

Sep. - Dec. 2012: Research stay, Department of Epidemiology, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University

Apr. - Jul. 2007: Visiting Research Scholar, University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA)               


Scientific and professional posts:

2016-2018: Member of the Scientific Committee, the Lolland-Falster Cohort Study, Region Zealand

2016-: Member of the Danish National Birth Cohort’s Board of Directors

2015-: Board Member, The Danish Epidemiology Society (DES)

2014-: Member of the Research Education Program in Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2012-: Board Member, The Clinical Database for the Regional Outpatient Family Clinics 

2005: Cofounder, The Association of Masters of Science in Public Health, Denmark                                                                 


Career breaks:

2010 - 2011: Part-time sicknesses leave (28 hours - treatment effects of Hodgkin lymphoma)

2009 - 2010: Maternity & sicknesses leave (Hodgkin lymphoma)    

2007 - 2007: Maternity leave    

2006 - 2007: Maternity leave              


Grants (in own name):

2019: Horizon2020, EU contract number 874583. DKK 629.525 for the project ATHLETE, partner 22 

2018: Sapera Aude: DFF-Reasearch leader (8045-00047B)-DKK 5.897.845

2016: Gangstedfonden (A31527) – DKK 200.000

2016: Horizon2020, SC1-2016-2017. €700.000 for the project LIFECYCLE, partner 6

2013: The Danish Research Council, EUopSTART. DKK 150,000 for Early Signs of Addictive Behaviour and Mental Disorders: Phenotype, Determinants, and prognoses - A 17-year follow-up of the children in the Danish National Birth Cohort

2012: The Lundbeck foundation. DKK 90,000 for Use of antidepressants in pregnancy and risk of spontaneous abortion – An application of a pregraduate scholarship

2012: The Danish Council for Independent Research │Medical Sciences.DKK 201,600 for Use of antidepressants in pregnancy and risk of spontaneous abortion – An application for a pregraduate scholarship

2009: The Danish Council for Independent Research │Medical Sciences. DKK 2.430.000 for Alcohol dehydrogenase genotype and drinking pattern during pregnancy in relation to health consequences in the offspring. Postdoctoral fellowship

2005: The Danish Graduate School in Public Health. DKK 375,000 for Detrimental effects of Binge drinking during pregnancy


Grants as named Co-applicant:

2020: The French Institute for Public Health Research. EUR 392.488 for the project Epidemiological Study of PRenatal Intake of Tobacco and later child outcomes (ESPRIT)

2020: Nordea-fonden 2020, Amning – en god start sammen. DKK 5.166.642,00 (nr. 02-2019-00267)

2020: Det Obelske Familiefond 2018, Tryg start i sundhedsplejen. DKK 2.500.000 (nr. 29763)

2015: The Danish Medical Research Council │Medical Sciences. DKK 2.850,000 for the project close to adult: 17- year follow-up of the Danish National Birth Cohort

2011: The Lundbeck foundation. DKK 1.000.000 for the project 11-year follow up of the Danish National Birth Cohort        


 European Research Council
I reached 2nd round with my ERC application with the project "Eating disorders- Understanding the spectral nature, course of symptoms and etiology (EATus)


Research Leadership:

Co-PI and scientific leader of the 18-year follow up of the Danish National Birth Cohort        

Executive committee member of the MOBAND-CP study (Mother and Babies in Norway and Denmark – cerebral palsy)


International Collaboration:

2016 - 2021: LifeCycle – Early life stressors and lifecycle health, HORIZON 2020  

2011-: MOBAND, a NIH funded project that merges the Norwegian and Danish birth cohorts and study cerebral palsy

2010 - 2013: CHICOS, FP7 (www.chicosproject.eu/the-project)       


Reviewing activities:                       

Peer review: Int J Epi, European J Epi, BJOG, Lancet psych, Lancet Child and Adolescent Health, Perinat Pediatric Epi, Eating Behaviors, Human Reproduction, CNS drugs, BMC Public Health and more

Abstract assessor: EuroEpi, Aarhus Denmark Aug. 11th – 14th 2013

Editorial tasks: Assistant editor, Scandinavian Journal of Public Health.  


Institutional Responsibilities:

2016-: Member of the Study Board of the program in Public Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen 

2014-: PhD coordinator Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen                    

2014-: Member of Board, Research Education program in Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Copenhagen

2013-2014: Member of Educational Board of Master in Public Health Science, University of Copenhagen


Selected Invited Talks and Teaching:

2018: Invited speaker at the LOM day, Lifestyle, Obesity and Metabolic research, UCPH

2017: Global Excellence Seminar- Danish Research Center for Magnetic Resonance

2016: Keynote Speaker at Open Seminar, Pharmatox – Strategic Research Initiative, Oslo

2016: Annual Meeting Family Centre Clinics, Kolding

2015: Invited Expert, The Fertility Clinic 4071, Copenhagen University Hospital

2014: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Study Group meeting, Seattle

2013: Eucconet Meeting, Paris

2012: Invited Lecturer at a 3-Day PhD level Cause on CausalDiagrams, Malmø University

2012: Annual meeting Family Centre Clinics, Nyborg Strand

2012: Seminar Speaker, NIEHS, Epidemiology Branch


Teaching experience:

I am responsible for an annual offered graduate course in Epidemiology and lecture at an elective course in Reproductive Epidemiology at the program of Public Health Sciences. I was involved in the developing of the PhD-level course in Causal Inference. I give lectures at PhD-level courses in epidemiological designs, causal modeling, directed acyclic graphs, and interaction. I have been supervisor for 18 bachelor-level and 19 master-level students in Public Health Science, and 3 bachelor-level MD student. All at the University of Copenhagen.


Research Supervision:

Post-graduate supervision

2012-2016: Co-supervisor for PhD student Ingrid Maria Susanne Nilsson. Project title: Less is more - Early discharge following birth – How do we support mothers to effective breastfeeding? Thesis approved August 17, 2016

2013-2018: Co-supervisor for PhD student Pernille Stemann Larsen. Project title: Eating Disorders in preadolescent children.

2014-2019: Principal Supervisor for PhD student Tanja Gram Petersen. Project title: Are prenatal exposures to maternal thyroid disorder, folic acid supplementation, or analgesics related to risk of cerebral palsy, and do prenatal risk factors act synergistically? - An epidemiological study of two large nation-wide birth cohorts (MOBAND)

2015-2019: Principal Supervisor for PhD student Lonny Merete Stockholm. Project title: Obstetric use of oxytocin and possible consequences for mental andcognitive health in childhood.

2016-: Principal Mentor for Postdoc Nicole Nadine Lønfeldt

2017-: Co-Supervisor for PhD student Julie Andersen

2018-: Principal Supervisor for PhD student Julie Elbæk Pedersen 

2019-: Principal Supervisor for PhD student Clara Clipet-Jensen  


2020-: Principal Supervisor for PhD student Ida Scheel Rasmussen

2020-: Principal Supervisor for PhD student Sarah Thurøe Jensen (SDU)


Research Scholarship Students

2012: Katia Buch Hærvig. Research Project: Use of ADHD medication during pregnancy

2012: Rie Laurine Rosenthal Johansen. Research Project: Use of antidepressants in pregnancy and risk of spontaneous abortion

2010: Alice Clark. Research Project: Psychosocial risk factors and Chronic Obstructive lung disease


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