Katarzyna Anna Kapitan

Katarzyna Anna Kapitan

Guest researcher

  • The Arnagmagnaean Commission

    Njalsgade 136, 2300 København S

Current research

I am curently working on the digital cataloging project of the Arnamagnæan Accessoria collection. All the xml-based manuscript descriptions I prepare are published on the online catalog handrit. Additionally I am one of the editors of the outreach webpage of the institute: https://manuscript.ku.dk/.

My PhD project focused on the transmission and reception of Hrómundar saga Gripssonar, one of a number of “lost” Old Icelandic sagas i.e. sagas whose existence is attested in the medieval period but which appear not to have survived in their original form. Hrómundar saga is among the best known of these. A saga by this name is mentioned in a famous description of a wedding feast which took place at Reykjahólar in 1119 found in Þorgils saga ok Hafliða, part of the 13th-century Sturlunga compilation, but the saga has only survived in a 15th-century metrical version called Hrómundar rímur Gripssonar, also known as Griplur, which are presumed to have been composed on the basis of that lost medieval saga. A younger prose version, Hrómundar saga Greipssonar, preserved in number of manuscripts from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and printed by C. C. Rafn in his edition Fornaldar Sögur Nordrlanda from 1829-30, is thought to derive from the rímur.

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