Karlis Berzins

Karlis Berzins

Research assistant

Kārlis Bērziņš completed his PhD at University of Otago in 2021, under the supervision of Professor Keith C. Gordon and Dr. Sara J. Fraser-Miller in low-frequency Raman spectroscopy for pharmaceutical applications. Prior to his PhD studies he worked for a year as a visiting research fellow at University of Minnesota under the guidance of Professor Raj Suryanarayanan.

His main research interests include the material science of pharmaceutical solids (including promising drug delivery platforms) with a specific emphasis of application of novel techniques for their characterization and dynamic analysis. Accordingly, he has expertise in a variety of experimental solid-state characterization techniques such as WAXS/SAXS, DSC/DTA/DMA/TGA, and Raman/IR spectroscopy; multivariate chemometric data analysis as well as theoretical simulations employing periodic boundary DFT calculations.

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ID: 308436224