Karla Andrea Frydenvang

Karla Andrea Frydenvang

Associate Professor

Cand. pharm. 1985
PhD pharm. 1989. Royal Danish School of Pharmacy, Department of Organic Chemistry (X-ray crystallography and molecular modelling).

- Research Scholarship, Department of Organic Chemistry, RDSP, 1985 - 1988.
- Assistant professor, Department of Organic Chemistry, RDSP, 1989 - 1990.
- Research Fellowship, Department of Organic Chemistry, RDSP, 1990 - 1994.
- Alfred Benzon Research Fellowship, 1994 - 1997.
- Research Fellowship, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, RDSP, 1997 - 1999.
- Bøje Benzon Research Fellowship, 1999 - 2002.
- Associate Professor, Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, 2002 -


Membrane bound ionotropic glutamate receptors play a central role in research. The extracellular ligand-binding domain has been expressed and purified from E.Coli. The domain is analyzed in complex with agonist, antagonists and positive allosteric modulators in order to achieve an understanding for differences in binding affinity and especially in selectivity and specificity. X-ray crystallographic studies are performed on the protein – ligand complexes in order to obtain detailed three dimensional structure, where interactions between the igand and the protein can be analyzed.

91 publications in peer reviewed journals and many poster presentations at conferences and symposia.

Participating in regular teaching programs for pharmacy students. Lectures, seminars, practical courses and setting examinations in basic organic chemistry and philosophy of science. Furthermore, participating in the planning of two elective courses: “Structural and Computational Medicinal Chemistry” for pharmacy students and “Medicines: Design, Development, Delivery and Use” for Ph.D.-students.

Advisor for external and internal master students during their final research projects.
Advisor and external examiner for Ph.D.-students.


Member of the Danish National committee for crystallographers
Chairman of the committee for teaching at the department (2009-2012)


ID: 1305625