Kamilla Miskowiak

Kamilla Miskowiak


Postgraduate courses

  • Cognitive Neuropsychiatry (seminar)

  • Clinical Neuropsychology


  • Supervision of Master’s theses within cognitive neuropsychiatry

  • Supervision of PhD students within cognitive neuropsychiatry

Primary research areas:

  • Cognitive Neuropsychiatry

  • Investigation of the cognitive and neuroimaging biomarkers for depression and bipolar disorder

  • Development and clinical testing of new interventions for cognitive impairment in neuropsychiatric disorders

  • Delineation of the neurocognitive and brain-based mechanisms of the effects of new and established biological and psychological treatments for depression and bipolar disorder

NEAD Group:

I lead the  Neurocognition and Emotion in Affective Disorders (NEAD) Group based at the Psychiatric Centre Copenhagen, Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet. The NEAD group bridges the areas of neuropsychology, psychiatry and neuroscience and aims to develop new biological and psychological treatments targeting cognitive dysfunction in depression and bipolar disorder and to delineate with neuroimaging and neuropsychological tests the mechanisms of established and novel candidate treatments. We also use the unique Danish registers to study the effects of genetic risk of affective disorder on neural and behavioural measures of cognitive function, emotional processing and emotion regulation in healthy twins with an affected or healthy co-twin (high- versus low-risk). This will create new insights into illness etiology and may aid earlier detection and correct treatment in the future. The NEAD group has close international collaborations with research groups at University of Oxford, the Max Planck Institute and University of Pittsburgh.

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