Jukka Rantanen

Jukka Rantanen

Head of Department

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 Jukka Rantanen is professor of pharmaceutical technology and engineering at the Department of Pharmacy (University of Copenhagen). He received his Ph.D. from the University of Helsinki in 2001, completed postdoctoral visit at the Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy (Purdue University, USA) in 2003, and joined the faculty at the University of Copenhagen in 2006 as a full professor. His research is focusing on development of future manufacturing solutions for medicinal products and especially, molecular-level process analysis of solid dosage forms using spectroscopic techniques combined with multivariate data analysis tools. Jukka has supervised or is currently supervising 25 post docs and Ph.D. students and he is an editorial board member of four leading scientific journals within pharmaceutical sciences and chemical engineering.


Primary fields of research

The focus of our research is on particle design with a special emphasis on processing of solid state pharmaceutics. The interplay between both the active pharmaceutical ingredients' and excipients' physical and chemical properties and the related unit operations is studied with the end product performance in focus. We utilize wide range of tools for solid state analysis, starting from robust bulk level understanding and ending up in a molecular level characterization of the crystalline and amorphous states of matter. Real time process analysis together with effective application of data analysis is of special interest.

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