John Sahl Andersen

John Sahl Andersen

Professor, Senior Researcher

I am professor in general practice and specialist in general practice and public health. I have been working as a general practitioner for 28 years (1992-2020) simultaneously with employment at Section of General Practice, University of Copenhagen since 1991. 

Current research

Patients with multimorbidity in general practice
Interventions in relation til patients with multimorbidity especially a new consultation model (in Danish: overblikskonsultation) for patients with complex multimorbidity.

Polypharmacy in general practice
The purpose is to study polypharmacy from both a patient and a GP perspective. The concepts appropiate and inappropiate polypharmacy are investigated and developed.



• Clinical course in general practice (classes and lectures, 6th semester of the Master's programme)
• Course in Early Patient Contact (lectures, 1st semester of the bachelor's programme).
• Supervision of bachelor's and master's theses.
• Examiner in the mentioned courses.

Public Health Sciences:
• Supervision of bachelor's and master's theses.

• Supervisor in the research training on the specialist medical training in general practice.
• Teaching on courses in registry research.
• Teaching in organization of general practice

Possible conflicts of interest

I am a member of the Danish Society for General Practice, the Danish Society for Multidisease and Polypharmacy, the GP Organisation, the Association of Specialist Doctors and the Danish Medical Association. I have no financial interests in or income from the pharmaceutical industry.

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