Johannes Wohlfart

Johannes Wohlfart

Ekstern forsker


I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics and the Center for Economic Behavior and Inequality at the University of Copenhagen.

In my research I use observational and experimental data to work on questions in household finance, behavioral economics and macroeconomics. In particular, my research focuses on expectation formation and the role of expectations in shaping consumption and financial behavior. I completed my PhD at Goethe University Frankfurt and hold an MPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford.

I am a CESifo Research Network Affiliate.

For information on my current research please visit my personal website at

Primary fields of research

Household Finance, Behavioral Economics, Macroeconomics

Current research

Subjective Models of the Macroeconomy: Evidence from Experts and a Representative Sample, with Peter Andre, Carlo Pizzinelli and Chris Roth, October 2019.

Beliefs About Public Debt and the Demand for Government Spending, with Chris Roth and Sonja Settele, January 2019 (first version: March 2017), revision requested at the Journal of Econometrics.


2020: PhD course on Subjective Beliefs in Macroeconomics and Household Finance (scheduled)

2020: Master Seminar in Household Finance (scheduled)

2020: Bachelor Course in Intermediate Microeconomics (scheduled)

2018: Master Course in Household Finance, Teaching Assistant

2015-2018: Bachelor Seminar in Household Finance

2011: Bachelor Course in Quantitative Methods in Economics, Teaching Assistant

2010: Bachelor Course in Intermediate Microeconomics, Teaching Assistant

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