Johanne Stubbe T Kristensen

Johanne Stubbe T Kristensen

Head of Section

Primary research areas

Existentiel issues, Systematic Theology, Constructive Theology, especially Post-Dialectical Theology, Theology of the Trinity, Eschatology, Theological Anthropology, Embodied Theology, Theology and Science, Theology of Religions, Ecumenical Theology, Theology of Culture and Theology of Liberation including Feminist, Womanist and Fat Theology.  

Present research projects

  • Paradox, Existence and Lifestyle. The project concerns present challenges in current health and lifestyle research.

  • Embodied Theology with regard to foundational problems in theology, particularly the relationship between theology, phenomenology and psychoanalysis.   

  • Theology of Hope. Eschatological issues, with a focus on death, resurrection, judgement and the Second Coming.

  • Post-Dialectical Theology (especially the theology of Paul Tillich, Gerhard Sauter, Jürgen Moltmann and Wolfhart Pannenberg, as well as its reception).

  • The scientific character of theology and the method of dogmatics. The project departs from a historical and critical reading of the theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg.

  • Theology of the Trinity. The project reworks current conceptualizations of the Trinity through a phenomenological-analytical exploration of Wolfhart Pannenberg’s theology of the Trinity.



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