Jens Soelberg

Jens Soelberg

Collection Manager, Academic employee FU

Member of:

    Work areas: Herbarium C, vascular plants, biocultural collections.

    Special interests: ethnobotany, useful plants, medicinal plants, herbal drugs, poisonous plants, drug history, drug developement, history of botany, science dissemination.

    Special floristic interests: Denmark, Greenland, Central Asia, West and South Africa, Meso America and Caribbean.


    Former projects and fieldwork:

    2020-2023. Danish Medicinal Plant Biobank.

    2018-2022. Alle Tiders Lægeplanter. Database, encyclopaedia og website (

    2017-2019. Relocation, restauration, registration, updating, photo documentation and conservation of the Pharmacognostic Collection.

    2017. Forgotten Medicinal Plants of the Former Danish Colonies (PhD-project).

    2016. Publication, printing and distribution of an Afghan school book Useful plants of Wakhan and Pamir نباتات سودمند واخان و پامیر

    2014. US Virgin Islands. Ethnobotanical study, plant and data collection for historical comparative study and pharmacology.

    2013-14. Ghana. Ethnobotanical study, plant and data collection for historical comparative study and pharmacology.

    2013. Guatamala. Ethnopharmacological plant collection

    2012. Atalaya, Peru. Ethnobotanical study of plants used against snakebite among Ashàninka indians.

    2010. Wakhan and Pamir, Afghanistan. Ethnobotanical data among agropastoralist and nomads, plants, fungi and lichens. 3rd Danish Pamir Expedition. 

    2009. Chapursan, Karakorum, Pakistan. Ethnobotanical data collection. Pre-study.

    2009. Meghri, Armenia. Collection of Galanthus spp. for the PHYLODRUGS-project.

    2008. Etablishment of Museum of Natural Medicine in cooperation with Anna K. Jäger og Søren Brøgger Christensen, Pharmaschool, KU. (

    2008. Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa & Namib-desert, Namibia. Ethnobotanical data collection and studies of endemics in Pondoland og Swakopmund.

    2007. Altai Mountains, Sibiria, Russia. Studies of the variation of Lonicera spp. in regards to tectonic activity.       

    2007. Tuva Respublika, Sibiria, Russia. Ethnobotanical data collection among shamans. 

    2006. Studies of Hypericum perforatum.

    ID: 44946175