Janelle Marie Sylvester

Janelle Marie Sylvester

PhD student

Current research

Current PhD research focuses on drivers of land degradation in agricultural landscapes in the Colombian departments of Caquetá and Cesar. I aim to identify proximate causes of soil degradation and assess potential connections with underlying, global processes.

The objectives of this research are to use a land systems lens to gain an understanding of 1) what is driving land degradation in these productive landscapes; 2) what role food systems may be playing in driving this degradation; 3) what implications this may have for peacebuilding in a post-conflict setting; and 4) what insights this may provide for the adoption, design and implementation of sustainable land-use systems and ultimately the productive restoration of these landscapes.


Fields of interest

  • My research interests focus on interdisciplinary aspects of tropical forest landscape restoration; agroforestry and sustainable land use systems; biodiversity conservation and soil management in agricultural landscapes; environmental peacebuilding; community participatory research; and sustainable livelihoods in the context of Colombia.

  • My research is driven by a desire to disseminate best practices and to bridge the gap between multidisciplinary scientific research and on-the-ground project implementation so that successful, large-scale and long-lasting restoration, conservation and sustainable development goals can be achieved.


ID: 252282233