Jan Juhl Lindschouw

Jan Juhl Lindschouw

Associate Professor

Current research

Orality in French in the transition between primary, secondary and tertiary education.

Academic writing in French with special emphasis on the interface between upper secondary and tertiary education.

Acquisition of informal French.

The relation between written and oral communication in French.

Language changes within the tense and aspect system in French, Spanish and Italian with emphasis on the mutual alternation of future and past tenses.


Fields of interest

- All mentioned research and teaching areas.
- Francophony.
- The status of foreign languages in Denmark.
- Research and Educational Policy. 




- French Grammar
- Linguistics
- Translation French-Danish
- Translation Danish-French
- French Written Communication
- French Phonetics and Phonology
- Text Linguistics
- Linguistic Optional Subject 
- Linguistic Subjects (Mood and Modality within Romance Languages; Language Change)
- Second Language Acquisition

- All linguistic areas of French, preferably (but not necessarily) with a comparative aspect to other Romance languages and/or to Danish. 
- French Grammar (i.e. Mood, Tense, Aspect, Infinite Verbs, Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Determinatives, Negations, Topology, etc.).
- Linguistics, especially Pragmatics and Language Variation, including Language Change and Grammaticalization.
- Translation and Translation Theory (French-Danish; Danish-French).
- Second Language Acquisition

Office hours: Monday 9-10

Primary fields of research

- French Grammar and Linguistics.
- Mood and Modality.
- Tense.
- Aspect.
- Language Change within Romance Languages.
- Grammaticalization.
- Variational Linguistics.
- Methods on collecting data from huge electronic corpora.
- Academic writing


ID: 9471