Jan Gustafsson

Jan Gustafsson

Associate Professor

Associate Professor, PhD in Latin American and Hispanic studies. Main areas: Latin American culture, literature and history. 

Primary research areas: 

Current Latin American narrative fiction

Latin American culture, including music, film, literature, and political culture

Utopia as a phenomenon, utopia as methodological and theoretical concept

Theory within cultural and identity studies

Current research projects

Photography in relation to narrative fiction. Theory and empirical studies. 

Music and subjectivity in Latin America. 

Dimensions of utopia in revolutionary Cuba. 

Main areas of teaching and supervision

Latin America: History, culture, literature, politics

Literarure in Spanish

Nation and identity in Latin America

Current Latin American politics and society, including the new left movements, indigenous people's movements, feminism, and perceptions of human-nature relations. 

Office hours: Thursday 12-14

ID: 40231431