Inge Marie Svane

Inge Marie Svane

Clinical Professor

Member of:

  • Clinical Oncology

Primary fields of research

Professor in Clinical cancer immune therapy and director of the translational research centre, Center for Cancer Immune Therapy (CCIT). CCIT is working translational and has a broad experience in preclinical as well as clinical research within cancer immunology and immunotherapy. Since 2005 CCIT has conducted numerous clinical trials including more than 200 cancer patients. It is an aim for CCIT to develop immunotherapeutic strategies for a broad spectrum of cancer diseases. Therefore, clinical trials have been carried out in diseases such as myeloma, melanoma, lung, -kidney, breast- and prostate cancer. 

Current research

CCIT research includes e.g. more basic investigations on how the immune system reacts against cancer and which defect are involved in the sub-optimal function of the immune system leading to lack of cancer cell recognition and elimination.
Also, the research comprises clinical projects reaching from development and testing of peptide vaccines, dendritic cell based vaccines to T-cell therapy. The experimental treatments are frequently tested in combination with standard therapy such as chemotherapy with the intension of added efficacy.


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