Ida Scheel Rasmussen

Ida Scheel Rasmussen


I have a background in Public Health and Epidemiology. I examine cohort and register data.

I am affiliated with two projects, one at the Centre of General Medicine and another at the Section of Epidemiology:

Family Wellbeing (FamilieTrivsel): The Family Wellbeing Project is a cluster-randomised trial aimed at evaluating the effect of a web intervention ( aimed at increasing parental mentalization skills.

COVIDMENT: The COVIDMENT project aims to advance understanding of mental health during the pandemic. It utilises extensive population registries, biobanks, and longitudinal questionnaire data from COVID-19 cohorts to track mental morbidity trajectories.

Primary fields of research

Epidemiological studies on:

  1. Early indicators of mental well-being among children and adolescents.
  2. The life trajectories of young people, with a particular focus on their mental welfare.
  3. Behavioural challenges and psychiatric diagnostic patterns among children and adolescents.


I teach master's students in Public Health Sciences in the course 'Advanced Epidemiology' at the University of Copenhagen.

Additionally, I serve as a supervisor for thesis students, primarily within the field of medical education

ID: 44681510