Ida Hartvig

Ida Hartvig

Assistant professor

I am a PhD student at Forest Genetic Resources since september 2010, working with conservation of tropical timber species.

My main research interests are nature conservation and population genetics of plants.

I graduated in 2009 in Biology from University of Copenhagen, within the field of Evolutionary Ecology. In my master thesis I worked with population genetics of endemic plants of the Galapagos Islands.

My PhD project adresses conservation of threatened Dalbergia timber species in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. The aim of the project is to propose an optimal gene conservation strategy for the remaining populations of the trees, based on assesment of fine-scale genetic structure across their distribution area. Another goal is to develop specific molecular markers that can be used for barcoding Dalbergia tree species and as timber tracking tools for determining origin of traded wood and preventing illegal trade.

ID: 21537511