Holger Grohganz

Holger Grohganz

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

Research focusses on stabilizing the unstable, thereby addressing two major problems of new pharmacolically actuive substances: structural stability of macromolecules and poor water solubility of small organic molecules.

To address the low water solubility we transfrom drugs to their amorphous counterpart, which is more soluble. However, this form in unstable, which in turn is addressed by the formation of a co-amorphou form, which can posssess increased stability combined with increased solubility.

With reagrd to proteins and peptides, research focusses on an increase of the knowledge base related to freeze-drying.

The application of multivariate analysis, such as principal component analysis, and statisitical design of experiments is an integrated part of our reserach.



Peptides and Proteins in pharmaceutical formulations
Freeze-drying and spray-drying
Co-amorphous systems
Design of experiments, process analytical technology and quality by design


Teaching covers the production, composition and quality assurance of solid dosage forms for drugs, such as tablets.


Pharmacy 2 - Solid dosage forms

Bachelor project in Pharmacy

In addition, supervision of Master theses

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