Hjalte List Larsen

Hjalte List Larsen

Assistant Professor

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    My research is centered on the delineation of pancreatic progenitor progeny cell fates and the characterization of the patterns of cell division leading to the generation of endocrine cells during the embryonic development of the pancreas. Using live imaging of pancreatic explants and in vivo lineage tracing at clonal density, I aim to map the patterns of pancreatic progenitor lineages at the single cell level, while simultaneously trying to gain insight into the mechanisms governing cell fate choices during allocation of endocrine progenitors. Understanding how these patterns of symmetric and asymmetric cell fate allocation are regulated will generate a better understanding of the mechanisms of endocrine cell specification, ultimately benefitting the in vitro generation of endocrine cells from embryonic stem or induced-pluripotent stem cells for therapeutic purposes.




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