Henrik Munch Roager
Henrik Munch Roager

Assistant professor

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I am fascinated by the role of the gut microbiota in nutrition and health. I have experiences from multidisciplinary studies investigating the effects of different dietary regimes (a New Nordic diet, a wholegrain diet, a low-gluten diet, and a Mediterranean diet) as well as dietary or xenobiotic components (gliadin, haptocorrin, antibiotics, pesticides) on the gut microbiome and metabolome.

Primary fields of research

I seek to advance nutrition by providing new answers on inter-individual dietary responses and mode of actions of individual dietary components by combining the fields of metabolomics, gut microbiome and human nutrition
Current research projects:
  • Interactions between diet and gut microbia and the potential of modulating these interactions for the prevention of metabolic dysfunction and cardiovascular complications in humans (DINAMIC)
  • Bifidobacteria and the development of the immune system early in life (Copenhagen Infant Gut)
  • Microbial tryptophan metabolites in health and disease
  • A personal microbiome-dependent glucose response (MIGLUCOSE)
  • Effects of moderate alcohol intake on the gut microbial composition and activity
  • Microbial enterotypes in personalized nutrition and obesity management

Previous research projects:

  • The effects of a low-gluten diet on healthy adults (3G center)
  • The effects of a wholegrain-rich diet on healthy adults (3G center)
  • Colonic transit time and the gut microbial composition, diversity and metabolism (3G center)
  • Neonatal Gut Community Pertubation by Antibiotics
  • Faecal transplantation of obesity-associated microbes
  • The effects of gluten (gliadin) on the gut microbiome and host physiology (3G center)
  • Effects of glyphosate on the gut microbial composition and metabolism

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