Henrik Friis

Henrik Friis


Degrees, etc:     

MD, University of Aarhus, Denmark, 1985

Physician, National Board of Health, Denmark, 1988

PhD, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 1994

Affiliated Professor, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark, 2005-6

Honorary Professor, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK, 2007-


Junior Doctor, Regional Health Team, Botswana, 1982-83

Medical Officer, various hospitals, 1985-90

Research Fellow, Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory, 1990-94

Assoc Res Professor, Human Nutrition, Royal Vet & Agricult University (RVAU), 1994-2002

Assoc Professor, Dept Epidemiology, Inst Public Health, Univ Copenhagen (UCPH), 2002-2006

Professor with special responsibilities, Dept Human Nutrition, UCPH, 2007-11

Professor of International Nutrition and Health, Dept Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, UCPH, 2012-  

Has been advisor to Danida and to UN organisations (UNAIDS, WHO and IAEA) in relation to meetings, consultancies, working groups, conferences and research programs within mother-to-child HIV transmission, nutrition-HIV, acute malnutrition and nutrition training.

ID: 4020