Henrik C. Wegener

Henrik C. Wegener



2007               MPA master of public administration - Copenhagen Business School
1992              PhD - Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (now University of Copenhagen)
1988Master of food science and technology - Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (now University of Copenhagen)

Professional experiences

2017-Rector of University of Copenhagen
2011-2017   Executive Vice President at the Technical University of Denmark
2007-2011  Director of National Institute - Technical University of Denmark, National Food Institute
2004-2007  Head of Department (DFVF) - Danish Institute for Food and Veterinary Research, Department of Epidemiology and Risk Assessment
1999-2004Professor (DVI) - Danish Veterinary Institute, Danish Zoonosis Centre. Co-ordination and management of research in zoonosis, antibiotic resistance and food-borne diseases. Responsible for establishment and operation of international surveillance and contingency plans.
1999-2000              Seconded national expert (WHO) - World Health Organization, Zoonotic Diseases. Geneve, Schweiz. Activities involve strengthening capacities globally to assess, monitor and respond to public health threats from food-producing animals. Other activities involve the development of WHO codes of good practice for antimicrobial usage in food-producing animals and planning and co-ordination of a number of WHO expert consultations.
1994-1999Director (DVL) - National Veterinary Serum Laboratory, Danish Zoonosis Centre. (ca. 30 FTE, 35 mio dkr.). Danish Zoono­sis Centre. National Veterinary Serum Laboratory. Responsible for establishment and leadership of an interdisciplinary and multisector surveillance and research unit at DVL and Statens Serum Institut (Danish Public Health Institute).
1993-1994Research Microbiologist (DVL) - National Veterinary Serum Laboratory
1992-1993Research fellow (post doc) (DVL) - National Veterinary Serum Laboratory, Dept of Microbiology
1988-1992Research fellow (PhD student) (DVL) - National Veterinary Serum Laboratory, Dept. of Microbiology

Other academic experiences

2001-2017Afiliate professor, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen
2015-2016     Chairman of the High Level Group of the Scientific Advice Mechanism, The European Commission
2016 (6 mth)Acting Head of Department, DTU Systembiologi, Technical University of Denmark
2013 (6 mth)Acting Head of Department, DTU Matematik, Technical University of Denmark
2011 (3 mth)Acting Director, Risø DTU, Technical University of Denmark

Prizes, Orders ect.

2003         Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics - International Leadership Award to Preserve the Power of Antibiotics. APUA, Boston, USA
2011                     The Dutch SWAB Award (Stichting Werkgroep Antibioticabeleid) in recognition of my role in implementing integrated surveillance programs and promoting rational use of antibiotics worldwide
2015Knight of the Order of Dannebrog
2016Chevallier, Ordre des Palmes Academiques, Republique Francais

Memberships of academies and socities

                 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
        American Society for Microbiology (ASM)
         The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV)

Associate editor

2002-2012Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal (CDC)
2006-2010Journal on Zoonoses and Public Health (Blackwell)

Professional memberships (selected)

2021Chairman, Board of the International Centre for Antimicrobial Resistance Solutions
2021-Board of The Danish Nature Fund
2016-2017Board of The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV)
2015->      Advisory Board, Royal Danish Defence College
2014-2017Board of The Danish Dairy Research Foundation (MFF), The Danish Agriculture and Food Council
2014-2017Københavns Erhvervsråd, City of Copenhagen, Denmark
2014-2017Board of Biovalue_SPIR. Samfundspartnerskab om Innovation og Forskning i Bioprocessing, Denmark
2014-2017Board of EIT Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community (Climate KIC), Imperial College London, UK
2014-2017Board of Manufacturing Academy of Denmark (MADE), Samfundspartnerskab om Innovation og Forskning. Denmark
2013-2014Committee of The Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, Denmark
2013-2016EU Horizon 2020, Standing Committee on Research Infrastructures, DG Research, Brussels, Belgium
2013-2015EU Horizon 2020, Advisory Group on the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions, DG Research, Brussels, Belgium
2013-2016        National Committee for Research Infrastructures (NUFI), The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (Vice chair 2013-16, Chair 2016))
2012-2016Board of Bioneer (Private Danish research and technology service provider for pharma and biotech sector) (Vice chair)
2012-2015National Board for Health Research, Ministry of Health, Denmark
2009-2014Board of International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems, Minn. Food Agr. Fish., Denmark
2019-2012Board of Danish Centre for Bioethics and Risk Assessment. University of Copenhagen
2007-2017WHO Director Generals’ Roster of Experts established pursuant to Article 47 of the International Health Regulations (2005). Geneva, Switzerland
2006-2011Scientific Advisory Committee for Infectious Diseases, National Public Health Institute, RIVM, Bilthoven, the Netherlands
2005-2015Advisory Committee, Emerging Infectious Diseases Program, the National Health Research Institutes, Republic of China (ROC), Taiwan
2005Chairman, International Independent Scientific Review Committee. Veterinary University of Norway
2003-2004Steering Committee of a National Technological Foresight on Hygiene (MVTU)
2003Drafting group preparing the merger of Danish Veterinary Institute and Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition. Minn. Food Agr. Fish., Denmark
2003-2007Advisory committee, International Research Centre of Veterinary Epidemiology, DVI
2002-2004Scientific Advisory Committee, Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition, Min. Food Agr. Fish., Denmark
2002-2012WHO permanent expert group on Campylobacter and Campylobacter related illness
2002-2009Danish Meat Research Committee. Danish Bacon and Meat Council
2001-2011Chair, Steering Committee of WHO Global Foodborne Disease Network
2000-2005Akademirådet - National Committee for Agricultural Research, Denmark
1999-2000Steering Committee for establishment of a regional food control system in Denmark
1998-1999National Committee for Food Microbiology. National Food Agency, Denmark
1994-1999Scientific Committee on Animal Nutrition, Minn. Food Agr. Fish., Denmark
1993-1997Board member of The Danish Microbiological Society

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