Helene Scott-Fordsmand

Helene Scott-Fordsmand


PhD in philosophy of medicine and medical science and technology studies (October 2021), University of Copenhagen.
Project title: ‘Encounters with the Unruly – Reflections on epistemic aspects of the abject and out-of-place in medical practice’. Supervisors: Karin Tybjerg (primary), Ken Arnold (advisor), Anette Stenslund (co-supervisor). Assessment committee: Hans-Jörg Rheinberger (Max Planck Institute), Kristin Zeiler (University of Linköping), Jan Friis Kyrre (University of Copenhagen).

Master of Arts (Cand.mag.) in philosophy (graduated May 2017), Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen.

Bachelor in philosophy w. Erasmus stay in Italy (graduated June 2014), University of Copenhagen/Università degli studi de Padova.

Professional Activities

September 2018 - September 2021: Board member, Medicine, Culture and Society PhD programme.

Febuary 2016 - October 2020: Board member at Network for Women in Philosophy, Denmark. Appointed Chairwoman september 2017 to september 2019.

Autumn 2017: Teaching philosophy at Krogerup Højskole.

Summer 2016: Curator and coordinator, Pop-up exhibition Nye Rum [New Spaces] - Cinematic tendencies, Copenhagen.

2015-2016: Student assistant, Center for Subjectivity research, University of Copenhagen.

Autumn 2014: Scientific assistant at the Elsass Institute (then: HEC – Helene Elsass Center).

2012-2013: Nursing Assistant (FADL-vagt).


Cambridge University, History and Philosophy of Science (HPS): Hasok Chang group. January-March 2020.

Linköping University, Tema T: Body, Knowledge, Society. September 2019

Participation at workshops, summerschools, and conferences (selected)

Research Seminars in Qualitative Analysis (Autumn 2020) | New trends in philosophy of science: New Materialism, New Marxism, New Phenomenology (May 2020) | Creative Techniques for Thesis Writing (October 2019) | Collections, Knowledge and Time, Medical Museion - University of Copenhagen (October 2019) | Cultural Crossings of Care - University of Oslo (October 2018) | Phenomenology and psychoanalysis: a dialogue - St Catherine’s College, Oxford University (June 2018) | Advanced Course in Qualitative Research in Global Public Health - University of Copenhagen (April 2018) | Responsible conduct of research - SUND, University of Copenhagen (April 2018) | Phenomenology Summer School in Venice - Ca'foscari University (2016, 2017) | Copenhagen summer school in phenomenology and philosophy of mind - University of Copenhagen (2015, 2016, 2017).

Presentations at academic event

  • ‘Ethnographic philosophy of science – reworking qualitative research methods into tools for philosophical analysis’. LiU Higher Seminar, Linköping University. October 2021.
  • "Material Encounters in Medical Practice – The power of materiality and epistemic relations to the body", HPST seminar. Aarhus Universitet. September 2020.

  • "The smooth, the absorbing, and the broken – encountering the abject body in medical practice", EASST+4S Conference. Online, August 2020.

  • "The Power of Materiality – the body as an epistemic thing in medical practice", HPS Seminars. Cambridge University, February 2020.

  • "Between living Subject and Object of Investigation – Observations on the Status of the Body in Medical Science”, P6-seminars: Body, Knowledge, Subjectivity. Linköping University, September 2019.

  • "When materiality misbehaves”, Annual meeting for Danish philosophical association. Vejle, March 2019.

  • "Reversing the Medical Humanities", Cultural Crossings of Care. University of Oslo, October 2018.

  • "Reversing the Medical Humanities", Issues in Philosophy of Medicine, Bioethics, and Medical Practice, Nordic-Baltic Network of Philosophy of Medicine. Aarhus University, June 2018.

  • "Between living subject and object of investigation", Network seminar for and with women in philosophy. Danish School of Education - Aarhus University, Copenhagen, Denmark, April 2018.

  • ”Opening up Scientific Experiments – a Phenomenological Approach to Studying Social Bias Through Theatre”, 2nd Bi-Annual Workshop for the Experimental Philosophy Group, Germany. Osnabrück, November 2017.

  • "At tale uendeligt... Tænkning og udtryk hos Heidegger og Arendt" [To speak indefinetly... Thinking and expression in Heidegger and Arendt], Filosofisk studenterkollokvium. University of Copenhagen, April 2016.

  • “Hvor er vi når vi tænker? Om Arendts begreb om tænkning og konsekvenser for filosofien" [Where are we when we think? On Arendts notion of thinking and consequences for philosophy], Seminar for women in philosophy. University of Bergen, October 2015.

Public dissimination

  • "Dissektion: Videnskabelig undersøgelse af menneskekroppen" [Dissection: Scientific investigation of the Human Body], Public lecture, Medical Museion, Copenhagen. October 2019.

  • "Kan vi blive klogere af kunst?" [Can art make us wiser?], Public lecture, Galleri Rasmus, Odense. November 2018.

Organization of academic meetings (selected)

Organizing internal research seminar (September 2019 - January 2022): Inside/outside – perspectives from history, philosophy and anthropology on the macroscopic human body.

Co-organizer of panel debate: Solutions for women in philosophy, at Annual meeting in the Danish philosophical socielty, Odense. March 2020

Organizer of Haraway reading circle: Reading Donna Haraway's manifestoes. September 2018 - September 2019

Co-organizer of panel debate: Challenges for women in philosophy, at Annual meeting in the Danish philosophical socielty, Vejle. March 2019

Co-organizer of network seminar for and with women in philosophy, Danish School of Education - Aarhus University, Copenhagen. April 2018.

Co-organizer of konference "Kvinder i spil" - konference for women in philosophy, Univerersity of Copenhagen. February 2017.

Co-organizer for Lectures on Vulnerability - with Robin May Schott & Elodie Boublil, Network for Women in Philosophy DK, Copenhagen. September. 2016.

Asssitant and practical co-organizer for Copenhagen Summer School in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind. August 2016.

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