Hans Jørgen Lyngs Jørgensen

Hans Jørgen Lyngs Jørgensen

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

  • Studies of alleviation of biotic and abiotic stress through biological control and induced resistance. Research range from identification of effective agents to testing the mechanisms of alleviation of stress.
  • Studies of resistance in plants against important fungal pathogens, particularly studies of infection biology and host defence responses and influence of infection on host physiology. Mode of action in disease repression by biological control agents.
  • Microscopy of all types; gene expression studies; biochemical assays for reactive oxygen species, antioxidants and enzymes; diagnostics of fungi; statistical analyses of research data.
  • Focus on temperate cereals as well as tropical crops. For the latter collaboration partners include Can Tho University, Vietnam; University of Mysore and CFTRI, Mysore, India; and Makerere University, Uganda.


  • Diagnosis of Diseases of Agricultural and Horticultural Plants (NPLB15007U)
  • Grundkursus i plantebeskyttelse (NPLB18000U)
  • Plant Pathology: Crop Diseases and Food Security (NPLB21000U)
  • Tema: Plantevidenskab (LPLB10328U)
  • Advanced Crop Production (NPLK16001U)
  • Pesticide Use, Mode of Action and Ecotoxicology (NPLK14006U)
  • Plant Ecophysiology in a Changing Climate (NPLK20000U)
  • Plant Infection and Disease Management (NPLK14008U)
  • Tropical Crop Production (LPLK10367U)
  • Supervised 20 BSc-, 40 MSc- and 12 PhD-students as well as 2 post docs


ID: 4227605