Hanne Roer

Hanne Roer

Associate Professor

Short summary in English:

I have been an associate professor at the section for rhetoric at the Department for Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen since 2004. From 1998-2004, I organized the new rhetoric courses at the University of Aarhus, resulting in the establishment of a Center for Rhetoric, first as an assistant professor at the Department for Classical studies and from 2003 as an associate professor at the Department for Aesthetic Studies. I finished my Ph.D.-thesis on Dante Alighieri’s theory of language, poetics and rhetoric in 1999 and became a Ph.D. in 2000 with the dissertation Dante Impositor. On the Origins of Poetry and Language in Dante and the Modistae. I graduated from Aarhus University in 1992 (Greek, Latin, Comparative Literature).

Since 2005 I have attended the conferences held by The International Society for The History of Rhetoric as well as the Nordic conferences on research in rhetoric (since 1999). I have been participating in conferences and seminars held by the Nordic network on law, literature and rhetoric and the Bergen School of Law and Literature (2005-2015). In the period 1999-2006 I was part of the Nordic Dante Network, attending the related conferences. I have stayed in Rome and Pisa for longer periods, working in libraries and archives, and in shorter periods in Paris, Venice, Oxford and Coimbra. I have also curated (with artist Anita V. Nielsen) the exhibition 00197 Roma (Sophienholm 2015), because I consider communication to a broader public very important.



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