Hanne Jansen

Hanne Jansen

Associate Professor

Primary research areas

  • Translation Studies
  • Contrastive Linguistics (Italian-Danish)

 Primary teaching and supervision areas

  • Translation theory and practice
  • Text and film analysis
  • Contrastive linguistics/stylistics (Italian-Danish)

Office hours: Wednesday 11-12

Current research

After having worked for several years with linguistic/stylistic analyses of translated works (with special focus on the different ways of coding spatial imagery in Italian and Danish), my current research is primarily within the field of Translation Sociology, where I follow two tracks:

a)    The selection of literary works for translation: who are the agents involved, which selection criteria do they follow, which image of the source culture is presented by the selected works?

b)     The interaction between literary translators and authors, editorial staff, and fellow translators respectively. As empirical material I have utilized author instructions, email correspondences, as well as an online survey, entitled "Collaboration In Literary Translation” distributed among literary translators in Scandinavia (click for the Quantitative Data).

In 2012-2016 I took part in a Nordic research project, Voices of Translation: Rewriting Literary Texts in a Scandinavian Context (https://www.hf.uio.no/ilos/english/research/projects/voices-of-translation/), resulting in the anthology Textual and Contextual Voices of Translation (John Benjamins 2017). The project group has continued its collaboration, cf. a forthcoming special issue of the journal Perspective, entitled “Voice, Translation & Ethics”.

My research within Translation Studies is supported by my work (since 1985) as a literary translator from Italian into Danish. I am founder and coordinator of the Graduate Program in Translation Studies at Engerom. I have, since 2013, been co-organizing the St. Jerome Day, the International Translation Day (https://hieronymusdagen.ku.dk/).


Selected recent publications:

 “I’m a Translator and I’m Proud: How Literary Translators View Authors and Authorship” (Perspectives online: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/0907676X.2018.1530268)

“Unraveling multiple translatorship through an e‑mail correspondence. Who is having a say?”  (John Benjamins 2017)

“Are Literary Translators (Still) Lone Wolves? A Scandinavian Survey on Collaboration among Fellow Translators” (Éditions québécoises de l'oeuvre 2017)

 “‘Bel Paese’ or ‘Spaghetti noir’? The image of Italy in contemporary Italian narrative translated into Danish”  (John Benjamins 2016)

“The Author Strikes Back: The author-translator dialogue as a special kind of paratext” (John Benjamins 2013)

"Multiple Translatorship" (co-authored with Anna Wegener)( Éditions québécoises de l'oeuvre 2013)

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