Hanne Ingmer

Hanne Ingmer


Member of:

  • BASP

I am interested in antimicrobial resistance and novel approaches to target resistant bacterial pathogens. In my research group we focus on understanding how bacteria withstand antimicrobial compounds and how resistance affect the basic biology of bacteria. Concentrating on Staphylococcus aureus we examine intrinsic resistance to antimicrobial compounds and the surprising ability of sub-populations of pathogens to tolerate high concentrations of antibiotics without being killed. Also, we are interested in how bacteriophages contribute to the transmission of antimicrobial resistance and how they in general shape the biology of pathogens under adverse conditions. As an approach to ultimately treat infections with antibiotic resistant pathogens we explore compounds and bacteria that modulate virulence gene expression though inhibition of quorum sensing systems. Hygiene is a measure to limit bacterial infections and here biocide tolerance is a research theme for several pathogens including methicillin resistant S. aureus, the MRSA and vancomycin resistance enterococci, the VRE.

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