Hamish George Ritchie

Hamish George Ritchie

Enrolled PhD student, PhD fellow

Hamish's PhD thesis is provisionally titled "The Capacity of Private Contracts for the Supply of Energy to Subsume Public Interest Principles in English and Danish Law". Supervised by Ole Hansen, the project will explore electricity supply contracts in Denmark and the United Kingdom through studying the influence of systemic public interest considerations on private contractual relations. This will involve investigating the capacity of contract to act as a governance tool in realizing public goals, such as sustainability and security of supply, as well as the implications of emerging trends such as digitalization in this landscape. 

Hamish holds an LLB (First Class Honours) in Scots law from the University of Glasgow. He also holds an LLM from the University of Copenhagen.

Prior to starting his PhD, he has worked in CEPRI as a research assistant primarily focusing on energy, with a particular emphasis on electricity market structures, the uptake of developing renewable energy technologies and the private governance of essential services.

Fields of interest

Energy law

Private Governance

Environmetnal law

Contract law

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