Guus Kroonen

Guus Kroonen

Professor with special responsibilities, Professor MSO

Member of:

2017-2022: Forskningslektor på projektet 'En ny europäisk förhistoria' ledt af prof. Kristian Kristiansen, Göteborg Universitet.

2016-2017: Ekstern lektor.

2013-2015: Postoc project 'Talking Neolithic', University of Copenhagen

2013-2014: Guest researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig (October - January)

2011-2012: 'The Birth of Germanic' post doc project on the origins of Germanic and its vocabulary, funded by the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research and the European Commission's Marie Curie COFUND, 'The Roots of Europe', Copenhagen University 

2008-2010: Teaching & research fellow, Leiden University Center for Linguistics

2004-2008: PhD candidate, Leiden University Center for Linguistics

2003-2004: Advanced Master's Program, Center for Non-Western Studies, Leiden University

1998-2003: MA in Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (cum laude), Leiden University

1997-2003: MA in Scandinavian Languages and Literatures, University of Amsterdam

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