Frederik Bak

Frederik Bak

Assistant Professor

Current research

My current research activities are: 

Plant-microbe interactions. The importance of rhizosphere bacterial communities is well estrablished, but knowledge is lacking on how different kinds of stressors affect the microbial communities. The work focuses on maize and is carried out in the project Bac4crop with multiple partners within the University of Copenhagen and the Industry. 

Microbial ecology in subsurface clayey till. Which functions do bacteria have to thrive in the subsurface with low nutrient conditions? Application of metagenomics and amplicon sequencing to increase our understanding of the subsurface as microbial ecosystem.

Cultivation of subsurface bacteria. The subsurface is understudied and there is a lack of isolated strains. I aim to cultivate hitherto uncultivated bacterial strains from clayey till, techtonic fractures and sand lenses from the subsurface. This may be expanded to include fungi. 

If you are interested in working within these areas in a bachelor or master thesis feel free to send me an e-mail.

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