Eva Pina Myrczik

Eva Pina Myrczik


Member of:

    PostDoc in the research project INVENT.

    INVENT is a research project funded under the H2020 Programme of the EU. The INVENT project sets out to identify, through research, the cultural and social preconditions required for the strategic goals of the New EU Agenda for Culture to be realized.

    For this project, I am part of several task forces, exploring the value and meaning of culture from various perspectives and methods.

    • interviews
    • data scraping and analysis (topic modelling)
    • smartphone study / experience sampling 
    • case studies
    • focus group interviews

    Research areas and interests:

    • cultural mediation
    • digital practices and museums
    • digital culture
    • media and communication studies
    • participation, user experience, and learning (free-choice, self-motivated)
    • evaluation and contextualization of the affordances of digital media in cultural contexts


    • Digital Culture (BA)
    • Digital Cultural Communication (BA)
    • Institutions and Agents in the Cultural Field (BA)
    • Theory of Science (BA)
    • Remediation and Digitization (MA)



    ID: 164256327