Eirik S Amundsen

Eirik S Amundsen

Professor, emeritus


Dr.ès-sci.écon.1988 (Dr.Phil., tr. honor., Prix de l'Universite), University of Paris, Pantheon-Assas, Sorbonne. Diploma, Ecole Nationale Superieure du Petrole et des Moteurs, IFP, Paris, 1984. Ph.D. course exams (Departmental Credit), Stanford University, 1979/80; Cand. polit. 1976, University of Bergen, Norway.


Full professor of economics (Chair: environmental and resource economics), 2006. Chairman, Danish Economic Councils ("Økonomisk Vismand").Full professor of economics, University of Bergen, 1992. Research Director, Centre for Energy and Environment, SNF, Norway (1992-93), Scientific Advisor to Centre for Applied Economic Research, SAF, Norway (1986-1992), Scientific Advisor to Centre for Petroleum Economics , Christian Michelsens Institute (CMI), Bergen, 1984; Associate professor of economics, University of Bergen, 1982.


Author of a large number of theoretical and applied scientific articles within the fields of energy-, resource-, environmental-, and public economics. Refereed journal publications include, Applied Economics, Energy Economics, Energy Journal, Energy Policy, Environmental and Resource Economics, European Journal of Political Economy, Icelandic Journal of Science and Mathematics, Land Economics, Resource and Energy Economics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Utilities Policy. Leader and participant of numerous national and EU research council projects as well as of research projects for private and public companies. Accepted and published papers in 2006 and 2007:

Amundsen, E.S. F. M. Baldursson and J.B. Mortensen (2006), "Price volatility and Banking in Green Certificate Markets", Environmental and Resource Economics, 35:259-287. Amundsen, E.S. and L. Bergman (2006),"Why has the Nordic Electricity Market worked so Well? Utilities Policy, 14 , 148-157. Amundsen, E.S., L. Bergman and N.-H. M. von der Fehr (2006), "The Nordic Electricity Market: Robust by Design?" in F.P. Sioshansi and W. Pfaffenberger (eds.) "Electricity Market Reform: An International Perspective", Elsevier Global Energy Policy and Economic Series. Olsen, O. J., Amundsen, E.S., and B. Donslund (2006), "How to play the game as the bridge between two power markets: The case of Western Denmark", Energy Policy, 34 (2006) 3293-3304. Amundsen, E.S. and L. Bergman (2007), "Integration of multiple national markets for electricity: The case of Norway and Sweden" Energy Policy (2007), doi:10.1016/j.en.pol.2006.12.104.

Amundsen, E.S. and L. Bergman (2007), "Provision of operating reserve capacity: Principles and practices on the Nordic Electricity market" Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, Vol. 2, No. 2, Feb., 2007.


Environmental- and resource economics, microeconomic theory, theory of finance, urban and regional economics.

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