Ea Hoppe Blaabæk
Ea Hoppe Blaabæk

PhD fellow

In my Ph.d. project, I use quantitative methods to study how family and social background shape individual preferences and practices in terms of cultural consumption. Particularly, I am interested in whether inequalities in the distribution of resources (e.g. economic resources, skills and abilities, opportunities etc.) affects inequalities in consumption patterns.


The PhD project is part of the project "Mozart with Mom? Family background, cultural participation, and social inequality" funded by the VELUX Foundation (https://samf.ku.dk/nyheder/mozart-with-mom/).


Open Access verison of publications: https://www.blaabaek.dk/publications

Primary fields of research

  • Intergenerational transmissions
  • Social stratification
  • Cultural consumption (particularly  reading)
  • Applied microeconometrics

ID: 162361568