Dorte Bodin Dresbøll

Dorte Bodin Dresbøll

Associate Professor

My main research focus and interest is root growth and activity.

I am part of the DeepFrontier research project. The overall aim in DeepFrontier is to increase the exploitation of the subsoil resources by deep roots in order to enhance food production in a sustainable way.  

More specifically I am responsible for developing and testing new methods for studying root growth and resource uptake (water and different plant nutrients) from deep soil layers (1 to 5m depth). We are working with different tracers and isotopes as well as methods dependent on DNA extraction from soil.

In addition, recent research activities have focused on crop and cropping system nitrogen use efficiency and how G×E×M interactions affect this. The studies have included both field studies and model simulation studies.

I am responsible for the BSc course Afgrødelære (Crop Science).



ID: 33176417