Daniel Ortiz Gonzalo

Daniel Ortiz Gonzalo

Assistant Professor

Member of:

    *I am currently based at the University of California, Davis

    My research and teaching focuses on the interactions between farming systems and the environment, including the following areas:

    • Agroecology & Smallholder agriculture
    • Agroforestry and integrated crop-livestock systems
    • Carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycling in agro-ecosystems
    • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions & climate-smart practices 
    • Food loss and waste (FLW) & environmental impacts along value chains

    Broadly, I investigate the synergies and trade-offs among agricultural production and climate change mitigation and adaptation. I combine interdisciplinary methods including field experiments, Remote Sensing, Machine Learning and Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA). Currently, under the project TREES4CLIMA, we are developing cost-effective methods at the field, farm and regional level to include agroforestry in measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) systems. 

    My regional specialization includes the humid tropics, having worked in East-Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America. I also have professional experience working in Mediterranean systems.

    Among other pedagogic activities, my teaching portfolio mainly consists of MSc/graduate courses, such as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Interdisciplinary Land Use and Natural Resource Management (ILUNRM), Climate Change and Land Use, Sustainable Agricultural Development Pathways, Tropical Crop Production and recently Ecology & Agriculture (UC Davis). 

    ID: 122745533