Conny Bruun Asmussen Lange

Conny Bruun Asmussen Lange

Associate Professor

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    Conny Bruun Asmussen Lange received her MSc degree in biology in 1992 from University of Aarhus and was in 1995 granted her Ph.D. degree also from University of Aarhus. Conny has coordinated larger international collaborative projects, has been head of the Botany Section, is currently head of the research group in Plant Systematics , and head of the Herbarium of the former Agricultural University . Conny has supervised 20 bachelor- and master- projects, two Ph.D.-projects and two post. doc.s. The teaching portefolio includes Plant Systematics, plant determination, Diversity of Plants, nomenclature of plants and molecular methods in plant science. Conny is heading the Virtual Flora , an online teaching tool in plant systematics. Conny has worked in the US and England for altogether five years and has since 2000 been associate professor in botany at Department of Plant- and Environmental Sciences at University of Copenhagen.



    Courses I am teaching

    Diversity of Animals and Plants (taught in Danish, Dyrs og Planters Diversitet)
    Botany (taught in Danish, Botanik)
    Botanical Herbarium and digitization (taught in Danish, Botanisk Herbarium og Digitalisering)
    Thematic Course: Plant Science: (taught in Danish, Tema: Plantevidenskab)


    Primary fields of research

    Identification of plants by DNA barcodes

    Relationships of Palms:

    Biology and relationships of Clovers:

    Systematics of Barbarea:

    Biology, Identification and relationships of Norhtern European Legumes


    ID: 4235102