Claus Desler Madsen

Claus Desler Madsen

Associate Professor, Guest Researcher

Claus Desler obtained his PhD in 2009 with a focus on bioenergetics and nucleotide metabolism. He continued his career as Post Doc at Center for Healthy Aging at University of Copenhagen, becoming an Assistant Professor in 2012 and an Associate Professor in 2018. During this time, Claus conducted aging research under a grant from the Nordea Fonden. Since 2024 Claus Desler is leading his group at Department of Biomedical Sciences at University of Copenhagen with support from EU Horizon 2020. Furthermore, Claus is leading an EU research network consisting of 10 European partners focusing on COVID-19's long-term effects on kidney, heart, and lung health.


Applied aging research:

Aging is not a disease; however, it stands as the most significant risk factor for prevalent diseases in developed countries. Understanding the mechanisms of aging enhances the comprehensions of these diseases, aiding in identifying reliable biomarkers and therapeutic targets. We use approaches at the cellular level to identify and quantify senescence markers, to measure key metabolic factors, and to assess mitochondrial function and nucleotide metabolism to get a deep and thorough understanding of molecular aging.

Primary fields of research

How are immune cells regulated by mitochondrial bioenergetics and nucleotide metabolism?

What are the mechanisms responsible for premature aging?

What are the factors regulating senescence?

What is the interplay between the immune system and senescent cells?

Can age-related diseases be prevented by improved function of the immune system?

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