Christy Lynne Kollmar

Christy Lynne Kollmar

Guest Researcher


Christy L. Kollmar, Esq. has been a licensed practicing attorney in the United States since 2007 and is a member of the District of Columbia, Wyoming, Montana and Washington bars, including five federal court jurisdictions. From a practitioner perspective, she spent four years as a prosecuting attorney focused on drug and familial abuse crimes, and currently maintains her own US federal and state-level criminal defense practice (Kollmar Law Office, PLLC.) focused on felony criminal litigation.

After obtaining her Baccalaureate of Arts (BA) from University of Montana, a Juris Doctorate (JD) from Nova Southeastern University, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from College of William & Mary, and a Masters of Global Management (MGM) from Thunderbird School of Global Management, she relocated to Europe and attained a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Riga Graduate School of Law and a Doctor of Philosophy in Law (Ph.D.) from University of Copenhagen focused in comparative antitrust law and economics. In September 2021 she was conferred her Ph.D. title after successfully defending her dissertation entitled Vertical Restraints in the Digital Age: Best Practices in the Assessment, Application and Enforcement of Resale Price Maintenance.

The aim of the dissertation was to directly examine the economic theoretical models, historical origins, political influences and current legal structures of both the US and EU antitrust/competition regimes to develop strategic proposals on how to modify the EU’s current legal structure to ensure the proper assessment, application and enforcement of resale price maintenance. To this end, the dissertation scrutinized the concepts of appreciability, by-object agreements and hardcore restraints, to implement strategic modifications to EU’s current regulatory framework to ensure vertical pricing restraints receive fair, reasonable and equitable treatment in line with current economic theory and to right the wrong the current legal regime inflicts on efficient RPM usages in the digital age. Here, the dissertation proposed five solutions to ultimately decrease Type I/Type II errors and to assist with the creation of a more efficacious, reliable, predictable and transparent RPM regime that actually enhances legal certainty through a more unified and aligned approach at the national level.

In November 2021, Christy joined the Centre for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law (CeBIL) at University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law as a postdoctoral researcher. Her research will analyze the COVID-19 pandemic as a catalyst of change with a particular focus on competition/antitrust law perspectives and how the crisis provided stimulus for new antitrust approaches to promote enhanced collaboration, improved global pharmaceutical innovation and the attainment of greater legal, economic and humanitarian impact. Her research also aims to inquire how the lessons learned could be used for the future of biomedical innovation and pandemic preparedness, as well as, for other ‘grand challenges’, such as climate change and antimicrobial resistance.


Areas of Lecturing

  • EU Competition Law
  • Introduction to Legal Studies
  • Introduction to Law
  • Comparative Contracts
  • Basic Legal Research Methods
  • Advanced Legal Research Methods
  • Thesis Pre-Defence Seminar
  • EU Law


Areas of Thesis Supervision (past topics)

  • Defamation, Criminalization and the Freedom of Speech
  • The Relationship between Leniency Statements and the Disclosure of Evidence under EU Competition Law
  • Impact of Brexit on EU Citizenship Rights
  • Brexit:  Implications of Invoking Article 50
  • Possible Cannabis Decriminalization in Latvia
  • Prevention of the Crime of Human Trafficking
  • Legal Framework & Impact of the Crisis of Human Trafficking
  • Regulatory Concerns of Small Satellite Projects
  • Uber: A Case Study on the Sharing Economy
  • Capital Punishment in the US and China
  • Legal Instruments of Tax Avoidance
  • Labour Law: The Concept of Wrongful Dismissal
  • Fraudulent Conveyance: The Transfer of an Undertaking
  • Physician Assisted Suicide: A Comparative Look
  • Fundamental Rights under EU Asylum Law
  • Unconstitutionality of Anti-terrorism in the US
  • Corporate Governance on State-owned Enterprises
  • Regulation of the Criminally Acquired Property Process in Latvia


Areas of Research Interest and Keywords

  • EU Competition Law and Economics
  • US Antitrust Law and Economics
  • Vertical Pricing Behaviour and Economic Efficiencies
  • Vertical Restraints in the Digital Age
  • Resale Price Maintenance and alternative vertical arrangements
  • Cartels, Collusive Behavior and Leniency Programmes
  • Evidential Procurement and Defendants' Fundamental Rights
  • Competition Regulation, Investigation and Enforcement
  • Pharmaceutical/Biomedical Innovation and Sustainability
  • Biomedical Collaboration, Collective Challenges and Coopetition
  • Regulatory Sandboxes, Innovation Tools and Frameworks for Experimentation


** Open to supervising Masters and Bachelor’s-level thesis projects in any of the above lecturing and/or research areas, including other comparative US/EU legal topics.

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