Christine Svinth-Værge Põder

Christine Svinth-Værge Põder

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

Foundational theology, Luther's theology, dialectical theology, particularly Karl Barth's theology and theological method, lutheran theology in the 20th century, particularly the German Lutherrenaissance, Karl Holl, Rudolf Hermann, Regin Prenter. Dogmatical topoi: Christology, reconciliation, justification, creation, sin, ecclesiology, sacraments. Method in dogmatics, hereunder the relation between "law and gospel" as hermeneutical distinction (resp. between dogmatics and ethics), orientation- context- and practice-hermeneutical approaches, drawing also on feminist, postcolonial and liberation theological insights, green transition as case for these approaches.

Current research

  • The reception of Luther's early theology in the German Lutherrenaissance with particular regard to negative thought figures in Luther's Lectures on the Romans and their significance for lutheran doctrine of justification in the 20th century. Problems and potentials. Focus on Karl Holl's existence-dialectical approach to assurance of faith (variations of "resignatio ad infernum") and Rudolf Hermann's theology of language in his interpretation of sin and grace in Luther. 
  • Lutheran theology of the cross in the 20th century (Regin Prenter and H.J. Iwand
  • Theology of the cross in contemporary contextual theology (feminist, postcolonial, liberation and eco-theology) Theology of the cross and hemeneuics of orientation
  • Karl Barth's theology, theological method and implicit rhetorical strategy
  • Karl Barth's reception of Luther

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