Christian Troelsgård

Christian Troelsgård

Associate Professor

Short bio and education

Born 1958, high school diploma 1977. Studies at the University of Copenhagen in classical languages (1977-) and in musicology (1982-). Cand.mag. (MA+BA) 1987. Ph.D., University of Copenhagen (1993).


Assistant professor (Classical civilisation/Latin) in Danish highschools 1987-89. Ph.d. 1993. Senior researcher at the University of Copenhagen 1993-96, assistant professor same place 1996-1999, associate professor ibid. 2000-2019. Director of studies at the Institute for Greek and Latin (later 'The Saxo-Institute') 2000-2007. Associate professor, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Theology (2020-).

Academic memberships and posts

Member of the International Musicological Society and the Dansk Society for Ancient and Medieval Studies (DSOM), secretary of Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae, MMB, (1995-2017); chairman of the MMB editorial board and project director (2017-). Coordinator of the Medieval Centre in Copenhagen (1996-2017). Attached to the Evergetis Project (Queen's University of Belfast) as consultant in Byzantine music (1996-2004) and Coordinator of a European research project on Byzantine/Slavic melismatic chant  (under the INTAS programme with research teams in St Petersburg, Moscow, Oxford, and Copenhagen, 1999-2004). Member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters (2013 -). Director of the the editorial project Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae under the auspices of Royal Danish Academy (2017-). Advisor for The Study Group Cantus Planus under the International Musicological Socitey (2007-), the Brediusstichting (The Netherlands) (1996-) and the study group 'Psaltike' at Fondazione Ugo e Olga levi, Venice (2018-). Attached to the editorial board of the project 'The History of Scholarly Edition in Denmark' (Dansk Edtionshistorie, 2011-2016). Member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Humanities (2016-2019).

Scientific editing

Co-editor of the journal Cahiers de l'Institut du moyen-äge grec et latin (CIMAGL, 2017-). Member of the editorial board of the following journals: Plainsong and Midieval Music (Cambridge University Press); Nea Rhome (Università degli Studi di Roma 'Tor Vergata'); Byzantinische Zeitschtrift, Bibliographie (München) (c. 1995-2018).

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