Christian Haldrup

Christian Haldrup

Research Assistant

My research mainly revolves around digitalisation processes in the labor market. My my main interest is how more flexible forms of work caused by digitalisation contribute to individualized work patterns, differentiated needs, looser workplace attachment and inequality between workers. Further, I focus on the challenges these developments entails for unions and the institutional level for regulating pay and working conditions. I work both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Specifically, in my PhD thesis, I have investigated working conditions on digital labor platforms such as Wolt (food delivery) and Hilfr (cleaning). I have particularly focused on Wolt and analyzed food delivery couriers' working time patterns via hardly accesible data provided by the platform. I have also investigated "both sides" of the platform setting and interviewed platform managers (on a number of platforms) and platform workers - in both cases with a focus on the cocnept 'algorithmic management', which the platforms use as an AI management tool to direct workers and distribute work with via an app, and which platform workers engage with to access tasks and earnings. The PhD project is part of the larger VELUX funded project at FAOS "The digital economy at work".

Currently, I work on a project that examines trade unions' efforts with recruiting new members and retaining existing members. The project is a collaboration between FAOS, CARMA (Aalborg University) and FH - the largest national trade union confederation.

ID: 257447460